Five Minute Furniture Makeover

I love the rustic wood look on furniture. However, I don’t like the price tags on new pieces. I had a couple of old pieces of furniture that could use a makeover. I read online about adhesive paper that can be applied to walls, furniture or old tile floors to give it a new look, so I decided to purchase some. I found a beach wood design paper on Amazon that has my favorite colors in it. It was under $10 for a roll, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. I was supper happy with the results.

The first piece I decided to update was a coffee table. I had already previously updated this coffee table with chalk paint, however because it is frequently used the top was getting worn. The adhesive paper I applied to it is smooth and the surface allows for you to wipe up any messes (coffee stains in our house) easily. Besides purchasing the adhesive paper, I also bought a craft knife and a smoothing tool. I pressed down the paper on the coffee table top and then used the smoothing tool to get any of the wrinkles out of the paper. Using the craft knife I cut off the edges so they were smooth and so it would look like I actually put planks of wood on top of the table.

I also had a sofa table I had picked up awhile back at Goodwill. I painted the legs of the table first with chalk paint and then used the same process I used for the coffee table to apply the adhesive paper to the top.

The smoothing tool is a must use tool because it gets any mistakes out of the paper. I did mess up a couple of times laying down the paper on both projects, however this adhesive paper is removable and doesn’t tear easily, so I was able to remove and try again.

There are tons of different wood designs available so you can easily switch out your table tops if you get bored with a design. If wood isn’t your style there are also tile and rock-look papers available to get you the same updated look.

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