8 Tips to Prepare Your Garden For Spring

Spring is finally here! Although it might not feel quite like spring yet where you live, it is still time to start thinking about preparing your yard and garden for the spring season. Yesterday I saw my tulips and daffodils starting to pop up and I realized it was time to start prepping the garden. Here are some tips and ideas you should use when preparing your yard and garden for spring and summer this year.

1. Clear out leaves and debris in the garden. My garden is filled with leaves that fell and blew into the garden in the late fall/early winter last year. There are also some plants that did not die until the end of the fall season that need to be cleaned up. Make sure to clean up your garden beds so your plants can get plenty of water from the spring rains. You want to make sure nothing is preventing your soil from draining well.

2. Weed Spring Weeds. I already have weeds popping up in my garden – they have been coming up for the past few weeks. Now is the time to weed these before they start to take over your garden beds.


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3. Give your garden soil some love. Turn over the soil and rake it out. Add some fresh compost. If you don’t have compost you can purchase some at the store or you may want to even try getting some aged manure to add to your garden—this will provide your plants with a nutrient-rich soil for the upcoming growing season.

4. Divide and transplant your perennials. Spring is the time to do this because the weather is mild and not too hot and we get plenty of rain. The plants will bounce back quickly. You also want to divide your plants so they do not choke each other. If you don’t have a need for the plants you have removed share them with friends/family. I usually do this because I would feel too guilty throwing perfectly good plants out.


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5. Cut back shrubs, bushes and trees. This is the time to get rid of any dead wood. If the wood is still alive it will be green in the center. By cutting back shrubs, bushes and trees you are allowing for new growth in the upcoming season.

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6. Spring is the time to reseed your lawn’s bare patches. April is a good month to do this because of the rain. You want to make sure you keep the seed moist so they will sprout.

7. Cut back your ornamental grasses. A lot of people (myself included) leave their ornament grasses up in the winter so the garden doesn’t look completely bare. The spring is the time to cut them back. You should cut these grasses down to a few inches from the ground. They come back quick and you won’t have to worry about having dead blades show throughout the spring, summer and fall.

8. Hold off on mulching until the rainy season stops. A lot of experts say to mulch right away in the spring, however this is wasteful and will make a mess if you get a lot of rain in your area. I hold off until after Mother’s Day before I mulch my garden so I can get the mulch to last the entire season.

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What other tips would you add to this list of must-dos in the spring season to make sure your garden has a great spring/summer?

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