Chip and Joanna Gaines Add to Their Real Estate Collection with Museum Purchase

Fort House Waco Texas

Chip and Joanna Gaines continue to add to their collection of properties this month with the purchase of a historic museum in Waco, Texas. Last month the power couple purchased a castle in Waco.

Fort House Waco Texas
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According to the Waco-Tribune Herald, the Gaineses purchased the 151-year-old Fort House from the Historic Waco Foundation on Friday, March 8 for an undisclosed amount. The house museum is located at 503 S. Fourth Street, which is only two blocks away from Magnolia Market at the Silos. tells the story of the Fort House. It was built by William A. Fort, who settled in Waco from Alabama in 1854 with a caravan of 500 people. He built the Fort House in 1868. He was very prominent in Waco society as he served as president of Waco National Bank and he owned the city’s first transit system.

The Fort Home was designed in a Greek Revival style and it was constructed out of local pink brick made in East Waco. It originally was placed on a six-acre lot, however over time the land was broken up as the city of Waco grew and it now the home sits on a corner lot. The home has also undergone several renovations over the years.

A Magnolia spokesman John Marsicano told the Waco-Tribune Herald that the Gaineses will “maintain the home in a way that carefully honors the thoughtfully celebrates its heritage.”

Jill Barrow the director of the Historic Waco Foundation said the proceeds from the sale will help the organization repair and maintain its other four historic homes. She told the Waco-Tribune Herald, “It’s a part of Waco’s history. But we have worked extremely closely with Magnolia, and we have put a ton of deed restrictions on it. It’s going to to look very much like it is now. Magnolia has bought into maintaining the historical integrity of the house.”

What do you think Chip and Joanna have planned for these new properties they have purchased?


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