Easy to Make Sparkly Starfish Christmas Ornaments

These starfish ornaments are really easy to make and add sparkle to any Christmas tree.

The first thing you need is starfish. I prefer to use fake ones. You can purchase them at your local craft store or you can find a wide variety of sizes on Amazon. I usually make these in batches. They make great Christmas gifts or they are a fun craft to do with the kiddos.


Step one is to layout some newspaper on your work area to avoid making a mess.

You will now layout the starfish you plan on decorating. You should then coat each starfish with a coating of glitter glue. You can pick whatever color your prefer. I like using gold or silver because it matches almost everything on the tree. You can basically get glitter glue anywhere from the Dollar Store, Walmart, crafts stores or online. I like the variety pack available on Amazon.

glitter glue

Make sure to smooth out the glue with a paint brush so that it doesn’t dry clumpy on the starfish.

After the glitter glue dries you can now add the rhinestones. Pick any color your like for your rhinestones. You can even put a variety of colors. I really like this grouping of stones you can purchase on Amazon that has 20 different colors and over 3,000 pieces.

Even though these gemstones are self adhesive, it is best to adhere each piece to the starfish with a jewelry glue to ensure they stick.

If you want the gemstones to dry fast you can use a hairdryer to speed up the process.

The last piece is to add a string or rope to the starfish to hang on the tree. I used metallic cord tinsel string, however you can use any type of string, rope or ribbon you like.


The final step is to attach your string with glue from a glue gun.

Then your starfish ornament is complete!  Enjoy!




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