Remodel Your Entire Kitchen for Under $8,000

One of the most expensive things you remodel in your home is your kitchen. Some people spend upwards to over $50,000 on a kitchen remodel. Even if you walk into the kitchen department at the home improvement store they are going to try to tell you it will cost $6,000 to $10,000 just for cabinets (on the low-end). Trust me, these are all lies you are told to get you to spend more money than you need to for your remodel. With some research and pricing around you can get a dream kitchen for under $8,000. We recently did this in our flip house remodel and the kitchen came out amazing. I love it so much I wish we were moving into the home.

Remodeled kitchen
After photo of the new kitchen.

We started out by checking out the cabinets at our local home improvement stores – Lowes and Home Depot. It turned out Home Depot had the better deal. At our Home Depot (not sure if all of them do this) if you buy 10 or more cabinets you get a 10% discount off your total cabinet order. We decided to go with the white Madison style cabinets they have in-stock at the store. We did not get any special orders and only used the ones that were in stock. If we didn’t, it could take up to several weeks to get the out-of-stock cabinets to the store. We brought out kitchen dimensions to the store and the cabinet sales associate was able to create a kitchen with their computer program with all in-stock cabinets based on our dimensions. The cabinets came to approximately $2,000. We also ordered our granite countertops from the store. They tried to up sell us and tell us that we needed to pay an extra $20 per square foot to have it specially sealed. Then after talking to the sale’s associate we found out you can seal the counter yourself with a spray they sell at the store for under $20 to seal the entire thing! The counters cost more than the cabinets and came to approximately $2,400.

We were able to take the cabinets home the next day (they needed a day to pull all the cabinets down for us). The counters are a different store. The company that installs them isn’t Home Depot. It is another company that has a contract with Home Depot. It took about one week for this company to come and measure the counters after we had the cabinets installed. Then it took another two weeks for the counters to be installed.

cabinets in truck bed
All of the cabinets are loaded onto our truck ready to head to their new home!

It took about three weeks to do the entire kitchen from top to bottom (including demolition of the old kitchen.) If you have a really old kitchen demolition may take you awhile. It took us a couple days to completely demo our kitchen because there were 60 plus years of flooring to remove! The cabinets we had were custom-made into the walls, so we had to remove them and level out the floor where they had been. We also opted to open up the entry from the kitchen into the living room. There was a very small opening beforehand (remember, this house was built in the 1950s, before the idea of open concept). We opened it up to about a 10 foot opening and now the living room and kitchen flow well together.

After demolition it was time to install the cabinets. We opted to hire someone to install the cabinets based off the design plan (created for free) at Home Depot. We found someone that installed them for $500. The counters were installed by the manufacturer and it was included in the $40 per square foot price of the granite.

We also added knobs and drawer pulls to the cabinets. They had some really nice ones at Home Depot, however they were $5-$10 per knob and I knew I could get a better deal online. I ended up getting 20 knobs for under $20 on Amazon and they were the same style we saw in the store.

For flooring we went with laminate Lifeproof plank flooring that looks just like hardwood, but it is better. This floor is amazing! It really is lifeproof – waterproof, scratchproof, dentproof, stainproof! (I tested it out, it does work!) The flooring was $2.77 per square foot and we installed it ourselves in one afternoon. We also purchased this at Home Depot.

I also went shopping on Amazon for the light fixtures in the kitchen. There are so many lighting options for kitchens and the prices range from anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars.

I picked out a really cool blown-glass pendent light to put over the kitchen sink. This cost me $25.  I found a three light pendent light for where the kitchen table would go.

The last fixture was a ceiling fan with lights, which I picked up at Walmart for $50.

Lastly, we added remote control operated lighting under the cabinets for $15. We picked those up at Lowes.

For appliances I waited until there was a holiday sale. We just so happened to need appliances right around Labor Day when the stores are fighting with each other for who can get the best prices on appliances. I managed to get 40% of the stove, microwave and dishwasher.

We also left space for some open-shelving in the kitchen. We found some unique rustic shelves at Hobby Lobby.

The final touch was the paint on the walls. I used a Chic Gray on the dining area accent wall and the rest of the walls were painted with a light gray that is called Silent White. Both are produced by Behr.

After everything was tallied up (including labor and supplies) it cost us a little less than $8,000 for the entire kitchen remodel. We now have a modern kitchen with stainless appliances that is bright and open.

With some time, and doing a lot of the work yourself, you too could create a dream kitchen for yourself. Now I just need to convince my husband we need a kitchen like this in our house too!

Get a before the remodel tour of the flip house here.

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  1. Beautiful updates and great tips! We still have some improvements to make in our kitchen but one easy way to update a room that we’ve def done a lot of is a paint change and hardware change. Low cost and can make a room look totally different.

  2. Love this! A little research on what things costs and deals you can get goes a longgggg way! Kitchen looks amazing!

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