Shoreline Flips – Join us on our journey as we flip a ranch-style shoreline home

Welcome to our journey as we flip a shoreline home in Connecticut. Not only will Beach Expressions continue to provide you with content and products related to beach decor, cooking, travel, gardening and more, we are also launching a series of home flips, which we are dubbing Shoreline Flips.

We finalized the purchase of a shoreline house this week. The home was a foreclosure auction sale that we won about a month ago. It took the lawyers approximately a month to get the paperwork together for us to purchase the home.

This is my first flip house, however my husband has been flipping houses for over 20 years and has flipped more than 30 homes.

For me the process so far has been exciting and stressful at the same time. We purchased a bank-owned property, which can be filled with unexpected surprises. Usually with a bank-owned property you don’t get the option for an inspection. You can sometimes get an inspection, but almost always the bank will not provide any concessions, so you buy the property as-is.

The house we purchased is a ranch built in 1955. To us it is a gem in the rough. It has a newer roof, new mechanicals, siding, central air, new heating system and newer windows. These are all major expenses that potential buyers don’t really notice when they are looking to see how pretty the house is, but all of these types of updates are very expensive.

Right now the house isn’t pretty—it needs a makeover. The kitchen is original from 1955. The house needs a paint makeover, the bathrooms need to be updated with new toilets and vanities. The fireplace wall looks like you jumped back into the 1970s with wood paneling.

Downstairs is a full accessory apartment, which also needs a makeover. We are going to pull out the carpeting and ceiling tiles. There is a small kitchen that needs to be replaced and the bathroom needs an update. It is very dark in the basement. One of the reasons why it looks so dark is because the walls are painted a dark maroon. We are going to work to make this lower-level space lighter, brighter and more inviting to potential buyers.

Everything outside of the house is overgrown. We are going to need to hire a landscaper to cut down all the weeds and pull out all the trees that have started to grow in the garden beds next to the house. The trees on the property also need to be pruned. The driveway has also seen better days so this will need to be torn up and replaced as well.

Over the next month I will be posting weekly updates. You will get a chance to see each room transform. Click on the video below to get a tour of the house from my husband Louis before we start #demoday.

Also below are photos of the house before we started. Make sure to follow our blog to get our next update as we will be working on the kitchen first.

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