Do Pallet Buster Tools Really Work?

The answer is yes. I was a little unsure about purchasing one of these tools, but after attempting to break apart wooden pallets with a hammer and a crowbar I was convinced it wouldn’t hurt to buy one of these tools and try it out. I read a few reviews online and other people seemed to swear by these tools. So I decided to purchase one on Amazon. They have a lot of different ones to pick from and they are all different prices. I decided to go with a cheaper one because I didn’t really know if it was going to be worth the money.


The one thing I want to mention is even though this tool makes it a lot easier to break apart pallet boards, you still need some physical strength to break it up. The videos these tools show online make it look like you lock the tool under the board and it effortlessly breaks apart. This is not the case. You still do need some strength to pull up the boards. The only difference is it takes less time and you have much less of a chance of breaking the board in half or cracking it.


My suggestion is to make sure to stand on the pallet while you are pulling it apart. This makes it easier to get the boards up, plus then you don’t have to worry about the entire pallet lifting up and hitting you in the face.

Overall, I think a pallet buster good tool to have if you plan on breaking up pallet boards frequently. It makes the process easier and saves time. These tools are also meant for break up deck boards, so if you plan on taking up a deck it serves a dual purpose.


Has anyone else used these pallet buster tools? What was your experience with the tool like?

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  1. atkokosplace says:

    I’ve never seen a pallet tool! Super cool. I can see how this can be totally helpful. 🙂

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