Refurbished Fence Picket Decor Signs

I recently saw beach signs at a local gift shop that were made out of old fence pickets that I really liked. I thought it was a cute idea to reuse the pickets this way. My parents just so happened to be taking down a 20-year-old fence and let me take some of the pickets they had.


I decided to use an antique white wood stain on the wood prior to painting on it. It already looked antiqued, but I wanted it to be a little whiter. Rust-Oleum Wood Stain works good for this. They have many different colors. I also like the Weathered Gray and Vintage Aqua stains they carry.


After I stained both sides and let it dry (I waited a day). I then had to decide what I wanted to stencil on the pickets. I used individual letter stencils to spell out what I wanted to write. I decided to make one that read “Beach House” and the other one reads “Beach Cottage.” If using individual stencils like this I find it easier to use masking tape to place down the letters so they do not go out of place.


I used Waverly Inspirations Chalk Paint color Agave to paint on the letters with a stencil brush.

Carefully pull off the letters after you blot the paint onto the wood. After it dries seal your creation with a clear matte spray. I used Rust-Oleum Matte Clear.

The final thing to do is add a picture frame hanger to the back.

These picket signs are easy to make and are great for beach or farmhouse sayings. If you plan on keeping it inside add a real starfish or maybe a sand dollar to the sign.




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