DIY Chalk Painted Mason Jars

It is really easy to paint and distress mason jars to make them look old. I was recently at my local Dollar Tree store and they had these super cute mason jars that have candle holders. I read a blog about how to use chalk paint to paint mason jars and decided to try it out. FIY – you can buy these jars from the Dollar Tree in bulk online (minimum of 36).


The first thing I did was remove the candle holder and hanger from the jar. Then I decided to test out a small chalk paint set I bought at Walmart. The brand is Waverly Inspirations. They sell a 10 piece for $12.44 (10 different colors). I used ivory paint color.

It took two coats of paint to cover up the jars. After the paint dried I used sandpaper that I also bought at the Dollar Tree. They sell a 36 pack of sandpaper sheets.

I sanded the words and the lines a little bit to make the jars distressed and give them an antiqued coastal / farmhouse look.

After this I sprayed the jars with a matte clear enamel spray.


After the jars dried I decided to use them for different things. I added the hardware back one two of them and will use it as a candle holder. I threw in some tea light candles. You could also buy citronella tea lights candles and place them outside.

Another one I decided to turn into a planter. I added some potting soil to the jar and planted some succulent Hens and Chicks. FIY – these succulents are really easy to grow. I have a ton of them in my garden. Every winter they get hit with salt and sand from the town’s plow and come back twice as big every spring.


After planting the succulents in the jar I tied a piece of decorative hemp string around the front to give it a more rustic look.

These projects were easy to do and were inexpensive. These little jars will look great in my house or I may even decide to give them as gifts.

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