How to Create Your Own She Shed Getaway

Who is in love with the she shed trend? I have to admit at first all I could think was it was kind of childish like when I was a kid and my dad made me a playhouse outside. However, some of the she sheds I have been seeing look so glamorous they remind me of the play cottage of Marie Antoinette from the 18th Century.

I personally do not have one of these sheds yet, but it is definitely on my want list. Who wouldn’t want their own little getaway or place to read, relax, create art, etc.? If the men can have their man caves then why can’t we have our own space too?

Below you will find some options to get started with your own she shed. I am including already made sheds, sheds that you can get in pieces that you need to assemble piece by piece on your own and there is even the option to build your own shed from scratch with shed building plans. (I only recommend this last option if you are feeling really DIY and have a lot of time to put into this project).


Already Constructed Sheds

If you just want your she shed right now or do not have the time or patience to take all the pieces and assemble your own shed, then this is the option for you. There are several different companies out there that will deliver a pre-fabricated shed to your location.  There are some cute ones I found online. A lot of companies that do this are local, so go onto Google and check to see who offers this option near you.

She Shed Retreat

she shed house

Garden Carriage Elite

She shed carriage house

The Lifestyle Shed

She shed

Quality Sheds Delivered and Installed

DIY Sheds – Assembly Required

If you are up to the challenge you can also opt to purchase a shed that has already been created but it just needs your assembly expertise. There are many options available for you to purchase an assemble yourself shed. These sheds are not a one-person job. You will definitely need a helper when assembling one of these types of she sheds. However, the good thing is you can get most of these delivered to your house so you don’t have to worry about transporting the pieces. Below are some of the assembly required sheds I think are adorable.

Colonial Cottage Shed
Little Cottage Company Colonial Pinehurst

Little Cottage Greenhouse


Cedar Shed

she shed

Barn Shed


DIY – From Scratch Sheds

If you are really feeling brave you may want to opt to create a she shed from scratch. There are so many companies that offer building plans if you want to tackle this project on your own. This is also a good option if you really want to customize your she shed. If you go for the DIY from scratch method you will have the option to pick out what windows, shutters, size, porch, roof, colors, etc. you want on your she shed. Just be ready to put a lot of time and effort into the project. Here are some already created shed building plans I found. The octagon shaped shed is my favorite and is completely unique!

DIY Cottage with Porch


Octagonal Shed


Colonial Cottage Shed Design


Do you already have a she shed? Share your pics with us. We will be following up to this blog posting with another post on how to decorate your she shed and would love to share pics from our readers sheds!

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