9 Plants to Keep the Mosquitoes Away This Summer

It is finally getting warmer out, which means I finally get to enjoy my outdoor living space. We have a beautiful marsh view at our home, and we just finished creating a beautiful new deck and patio space. The only problem is now we have to deal with the mosquito and fly problem every time we try to use this amazing new space.

I have been doing some research and I have compiled a list of plants that help to repel bugs, but especially repel mosquitoes. I am going to provide you with my list of findings below. I am also going to test all of these plants out on our deck and will have a follow-up article next month with the top ones that worked for us.

Don’t know where to start with the plants listed? I also found a Bug Bouncing Garden 4-pack from Bonnie Plants that includes a few of the plants listed (Basil, Mint, Rosemary and Lemon Balm) to get you started!

This is only a listing of some of the plants that claim to keep the mosquitoes away.

Citronella aka Mosquito Plant


I have used this plant before and know from experience it does work. Citronella can be grown in your garden or in a pot. It has a strong smell, but it is safe (no hazardous chemicals with any of these plants) and you can take a leaf from it and rub it on you to keep the mosquitoes away. Leave it on your deck and shake the leaves a little to spread out the smell.


lavender plant

I personally love the smell of lavender. I have a spray bottle of the essential oil on my bed every night to help me relax before I fall asleep. Not only is lavender good for calming and relaxing you, the smell of lavender is an annoyance to mosquitoes. Keep a potted lavender plant on your deck or patio throughout the summer.



These annual flowers not only keep away mosquitoes, you should also plant them in your gardens to keep animals away (especially vegetable gardens). They are super easy to grow and if you save the seeds from the flowers and dry them out you can plant them again next year.

basil plant

Basil isn’t just an herb to spice up your food, it also works as a mosquito repellent that gives off a scent without having to touch it to ward off those pesky bugs.

rosemary plant

This is another herb that we are all used to using to add flavor to our food, however it also is a great herb to use to repel mosquitoes. Live plants and cuttings from the plant both work well for keeping the bugs away. I’ve also read that tossing some rosemary into a bonfire releases a nice incense smell that insects hate.


sage plant

Like Rosemary, Sage is a good herb to throw into a bonfire. The incense smell the smoke will create will keep the pesky bugs away.


Peppermint plant

This herb isn’t just for tea and cooking, it will keep mosquitoes and spiders away. I recommend planting it in a pot because this plant grows quickly and will rapidly take over a garden.

Lemon Balm

lemon blam

This herb has the scent of lemon with a small hint of mint. Like the Citronella you can take leaves from Lemon Balm and rub them on your skin to use as a bug repellent. Besides keeping away the pests, Lemon Balm also attracts butterflies. Just an FYI – this plant will be invasive if you plant it in your garden. It is best to keep it potted.



Catnip is not only for your cats, it also is used as an insect repellent. According to the American Chemical Society, Catnip is approximately 10 times more effective as a mosquito repellent than DEET! Amazing! Don’t forget to dry some out at the end of the summer season and place in a toy for your cat to enjoy next fall/winter.


Do you have any plants that you use in your garden to ward away mosquitoes and/or other bugs? Leave your must-use plants to get rid of these pests in the comments below.

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  1. Dear Beach Expressions We are now using some of these plants at our home and are now able to enjoy our outdoor space!
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