Easy DIY Wall Clock Upgrade

I’ve been wanting to get a large wall clock for my dining room for awhile now. All the ones that I liked and that matched the decor in my home were too pricey for my wallet. Then I found a large wall clock at a yard sale one weekend for $4 and decided to pick it up. It was large, but it was dark and not the color I was looking for. I bought it anyway figuring I might be able to paint it and give it a new look. It was only $4, so it wasn’t a huge investment.

I cleaned the clock with window cleaner first (it was pretty dusty). Then I used Antique Aqua chalk paint I purchased at Michael’s Craft Stores. I lightly brushed it on to give it an antique look. When it dried, it looked like it was always painted that way. I sealed it with a light coat of Annie Sloan clear wax (I find this brand of wax to be the best for projects).

In less than an hour I had a new clock that cost me less than $10 to make. Check out the before and after photos below.

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